Weathermen, or Meteorologist

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    Weathermen or Meteorologists,
    Here at Santee this system spans into 8 different counties. You can listen to one weather report after another and they all say something different. Personally I wish we had Weathermen again. If you listen to these Meteorologists you will never fish here. Today they called for Lake Wind Advisories! Yah Right! I have learned over the years to look at 5 different forecast and make my own predictions. I am not saying don’t listen to the weather. If you don’t you can get killed here. I am saying listen to all the different forecast you can get and LOOK at the Sky, and the radars. We see days a year down here where they calling for the end of the earth it seems, and it turns out to be the most beautiful days you can fish.
    Today we caught a 40, 37, 36, 30, 25, 2- 20’s and the rest smaller. We had 11 fish that weighted 277 lbs. Now If I had believed the weather report I would have never gone out. When here, listen to weather reports, but watch the sky and use common since! If it looks too bad for your boat and you, don’t go, but if you go always watch the weather!
    I believe a weatherman or weather persons office should be a GLASS BOBBLE so they see the sky and what it is doing before they make a weather forecast.