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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by catfishrus, Oct 23, 2006.

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    north carolina
    could you fine folks help me with the weather patterns. i hear the cold/hot front coming through messing the fishing up. ive got better with the seasonal patterns of the catfish but cannot seem to figure the weather patterns out. should i moved here or there in this front coming in kind of thing. i find plenty of fish on the graph and catch a few from time to time but i think i could do better by timing my fishing according to the weather patterns. so whats the deal with all of this? thanks
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    check out my other post in this section [what do you look for in a good fishin spot]

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    Basically, in my part of the country, Texas Gulf Coast, I don't care for fishing the day of a windy. The day after is spotty. Usually, my best luck comes the next day as it is warming and continues until the next front comes thru. The day before a front hit, or early on the day of the front before it barrels in the fishing can be very good.
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    What i always look for to help fishing is a steady pressure and tempature for 3+ days or so...

    Although i still think if you've got the time then you should go out fishing and not waste a day you could be on the water because "its not going to be good fishing"... All fishing is good... the catching is what fails in certain weather and even then you can find active fish in most weather patterns, you just need to go out and fish, and keep alog of where, how, when and conditions and you'll be set to catch some fish in years to come.