Weather and it's effects on catfish

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    Ok I did a search on the forums for "weather" and didn't notice any threads on weather patterns and how it effects Ohio cats. There may be some if there is just point me if not here are a few questions I have.

    1. Have any of you thought about keeping a diary of what the weather was like when you went fishing to note things like barometric pressure, temperature, etc?

    2. I've heard stories and sometimes even experienced it myself how catfish will bite just before and just after a big storm. Have others found this to be true?

    3. Maybe we can start posting on the available calendar that days weather and the kind of luck we are having?

    4. This all could just be a dumb idea and weather doesn't play that big a part, I'm just throwing ideas out.

    Let me know what you think.
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    Uhrichsville, OH

    To answer your #2, word is a storm is heading towards tappan and sarrounding area's today, late in the day. I've always heard they hit after a storm, wasn't sure about before tho.

    And your #4, i know a guy who got a 46lb at the end of a storm, maybe 10 mins after it was settling down.

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    Hi Chad. Do an advanced search on barometric pressure. You will uncover a lot of threads on the subject of weather.:wink: