Wear A Life Jacket

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by djlabs, Dec 14, 2005.

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    Two years ago yesterday we lost a young hunting buddy that was like a nephew to us, he was the son of the man that got us started waterfowl hunting - it was a prime hunting day, snowing, windy, cold and he was hunting with his cousins, their boat capsized and he drowned. Help arrived quickly enough in the form of some fellow hunters that heard them yelling as the boat went down that if he had been wearing a life jacket he would probably still be with us today - the other three guys survived the accident. Our loss is nothing compared to his family's loss but we still miss him and wish he was with us to hunt. Keep yourself safe, wear a life jacket - I have a friend in search a rescue that told me that when you go under in cold water you only come back up once and if you swallow any of that cold water the first time down you can be unconscious in under thirty seconds so the ability to swim almost becomes a non-issue, add waders and other warm clothing to the equation and the odds start stacking up against you - a life jacket is just that - a life jacket. Wear one.
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    Thank you for sharing this. This is advice that EVERYONE should listen to.

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    That's such a smart idea that I made sure I got a Sospenders life jacket last Christmas. For those of you who don't like trying to fish while wearing a regular bulky jacket, and don't like to constantly put one on, only to take it right back off, I want to tell you that when I put the Sospenders on, I totally forget that I'm wearing it. I've even found myself back in camp with it on because I forgot to take it off. There are two basic types: manual and automatic. Manual requires that you pull a cord to inflate; automatic is just that...it inflates automatically if you go into the water. The only 'bad' thing I can say is that when you're flying across the water in cold weather, they don't block the wind like a regular bulky jacket.
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    I hate stories like that. very sorry for your loss. I will be sure and spread the message.
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    i was looking at the lifejackets that you pull the string and they inflate anybody heard anything negative about em