We need to get insurance laws changed

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  1. Welder

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    Lota land owners wont open up to hunting for fear of lawsuits ect.

    Simple to solve Mo has a recent law on the books petaining to horse riding and rodeo. Being that both can be fatal or maiming. The law ses the owners of the animals and the ground being used for horse riding or rodeo events in case that if any thing should happen owners are not held liable for any reason.

    A hunting law should be indroduced under the same banner that leaves land owners blamless for any hunting or hunting related injurys or dammage to hunters property like guns, stands, and Autos. Sad to say idiots that take advantage of the right to sue has made it tougher and tougher for pvt landowners to allow hunting. Its not so much a issue in Mo but in other states I understand its dif.

    I encourage hunters to contact their state district Senators and Rep. Ask them to help put together and submit legislation like that to encourage hunting and pvt land owner participation in allowing acess to land. More land owners might allow hunting if they know they cant be sued cause Jon Dunderhead fell out his tree stand and broke his leg.
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    Yep, this needs to be done. I've got a good friend who's a liability lawyer and he keeps telling me that even if a person is trespassing on my land I could be held liable if something happen to them, and for someone I give permission to be on my land, I'm totally responsible for them while they are on my property. In today's lawsuit crazy, nobody's responsible for their own actions world, it worries me.

  3. 223reload

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    All that is needed is to have the person sign an affidavid releasing you from all liability ,{in front of a notary} and have it notarized.
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    :0a24:this should do the trick !
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    I disagree we do not need anymore requirements of having insurance. I cnat answer for other states but here where I live as long as I have signs posted on my property no tresspassing hunting etc and someone comes on my porperty and gets hurt I am not liable for any said injuries. Can a greedy lawyer win for the trespasser I am sure most can but then again does said tresspasser want to be charged with a crime? I before I sold my place chased out many tresspassers had a couple of guys get hurt threaten to sue me and never did had no case they were breaking the law. As 223reload said if you want to allow someone on your porperty to hunt of fish make them sign a release of liability and notorize it. If the person dont want to do that well then you dont want them on your land.
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    Four Oaks, NC
    It's not just a problem with your land, your house too.
    I carry a hefty blanket.
    Could be someone's kid playing over here.
    My house is literally sitting on a pond.

    With some of the liberal judges sitting on benches today and seeing some ofthe verdicts being handed out in favor of a burglar breaking into your house and slipping on a wet floor., protect you and what you own. Don't depend on the law.
    Talk to the insurance man.
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    Indiana law protects land owners who provide access permission. However many folk are still scared of legal trouble if they let folks hunt:

    "According to Indiana Code 14-22-10-2, an owner, tenant, lessee, or occupant of a tract of land does not assume responsibility or incur liability for injuries to hunters, anglers and trappers while in the act of, or preparing to hunt, fish or trap on the land, provided that the injury was not caused by a malicious or illegal act of the owner or occupant."
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    When I was growing up, we had the perfect little spot in a hollow to build a pond. My dad wouldn't because he was afraid of being sued. After my father died, my mother always knew I wanted a pond there and she loves wildlife anyway. She called me one day and asked me if it would be a good idea to build a pond, mainly to attract waterfowl, deer, mink, etc. I talked her out of it. I wasn't really worried about her being sued, but there is some riff raff on the other side of the hill and I'm sure I would end up tangling with them in the end....But 223 reload is right, get a signed, notarized document and you should be ok.
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    As I understand it, Iowa has a law like Indiana, that releases a landowner for liability if you give them permision to do recreation activities on your land. Now as I understand it, if you take money from people to hunt , fish , ect. then you are liable as all get out.
    All that aside, any one can sue you for anything they want. They may not win, but they can try!
    Laws mandating landowners carry insurance is not the answer. But common sense would tell you to have insurance if you have something you don't want to loose, for any reason.
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