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    I think i have posted here that I have moved here to Alabama well
    in case i didn't or you all missed it we moved from Arizona to Alabama and lord what a move my wife says I need to wright a book about my life and the moves I have made

    After liveing in at tent for 3 months when we got here we now bought a home with a grauge expanded 2 car our home sits on three lots in Tarrant wright near the airport

    We both have jobs and now need to find where we can go catfishing here
    we had a officer tell us about a deep lake he has heard storys of real big cats there it is smith lake
    Any one know of any closer lakes or can tell me where smith lake is I would appreciate it he said to fish near the locks noone i have talked to knows or heard of smith lake and to ask them about locks first i needto tell them what a lock was LOL

    I am gald to be here and need a buddy to show me where to go get some line wet,tight and hopefully bend a pole


    our new home

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  2. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    Kevin, Smith Lake is a hard lake to catfish. As far as locks and dam fishing
    Smith Lake tailwaters is cold as ice, the state stocks rainbow trout in
    these waters and I know catfishing would not be good below the dam.
    You need to get a state map. Their are several good lakes and rivers
    within an hours drive from your house. Black Warrior River -- Bankhead
    Lake and Holt Lake are good lakes and have good tailrace fishing to.
    Coosa River--- Lake Neeley Herny, Logan Martin, Lay, and Jordan lakes
    are great fishing and below the dams good tailrace fishing. An hour and
    a half north is lake Guntersville and Gunterville Dam on the Tennessee
    River. You in ALABAMA now don't you be pro-mouthing that you ain't
    got no place to fish. I have been told that 1/5 of the fresh water in the
    world flows through ALABAMA. In your spare time learn how to say

  3. Mike81

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    Welcome Kevin, hope you enjoy it here. Lots of good fishin to be found.
  4. j.bridges

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    Welcome to BAMA and good luck chasing the cats......:wink:
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    What is ROLL TIDE GO BAMA? Oh thats the team that could not win the big one and now there in trouble and their 4 million dollar couch bring it home
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    Shelbyville, TN
    Very nice looking home! Congrats

    I am not too familar with Alabama so i can offer no real advice. I would guess that any good sized creek or river is going to hold some decent catfish. Just go to the closest one, find a good spot and fish. If there are other people present, I am sure they will help you out with some of the other locations! Good luck to you brother!