we have a cold front

Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by mactheaxe, Oct 17, 2009.

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    so the first good cold front is here. its been around 45 degrees and i went bluegill fishin the other day. not doin bad at all on worms. i did however catch 2 crappie on worms and thought, they gettin hungry? what do you guys think. i know worms arent naturally the go to bait for crappie so is it a good sign if they bite on em? i went and picked up 3 dozen minnows for tomorrow morning and wanted to hear some thoughts. im fishing off of a damn at THE drainage spot because i figure the drainage will pull food for the little fish, in turn the crappie will be there. should i try around some overhanging limbs or stick with the dam. ive figured out theres some type of structure there because ive snagged in only THAT spot and thats where i catch the most bluegill. and they have a good getaway to deep water. would they be free to roam more or would they stick close to structure to feed? what do yall think?