We do what we do

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    Wilson's Mills,nc
    This is for everyone from the metermaid, to the first responder.
    It's for the lowly private in supply to SOG operator who's with his family of 4.
    No one knows what or why you do what you do. But, you do it anyway.
    Why? For money? For glory? naw. because you have a cause you believe in and a family to feed.
    My hat and my heart go out to you.
    You go into places where most of us would be running out of or from. But, go in , you do.
    With you, we'd be without hope, with a saviour. Why do you do it?
    I , as like many here, were once of you. Now, I just you, I'm stationed on the homefront,just to sit by and watch.
    Thanks guys, we really do understand and love you for what you do and have to deal with.
    God bless you all.
    You are always there when we need you most!
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    Keith. I hope all is good for you. I enjoy your post.

    I would throw you a bud, light that is but if I could throw that far, I would be a Dallas Cowboy Quarteback, my luck I would end up in baseball. :embarassed:

    Keep the faith Bro.