We Are Lucky To Have A High IQ

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    I have to relate this story. I will have tears in my eyes from laughing before I get it finished.

    First I work in Afghanistan, and there are people from many nations working here. One of my friends is from New Zealand, we call them Kiwi's. That being said Colin is not the sharpest knife in the kitchen drawers.

    To illistrate this, I will give you some background on an incident, that happened to him, that has another bigger part in the main story. Colin was on a forward operating base (FOB), and Colin and a Lithuanian Captain was walking along and Colin was bit on the arm by a stray dog, they had brought into the camp. They could not get the dog off Colin's arm, so the Lithuanian Captain shot it there on the spot to get it off of him. The company Colin worked for wanted a picture of the wound, Colin took a camera and pointed it at his injured arm and took a picture. The only problem with the picture was that Colin neglected to take the bandage off, so the company recieved a picture of a gauze covered arm.

    Now, like I was saying Colin, is a few Fruit Loops shy of a full bowl. The guy he works with made up an E-mail account called, U.S.embassy@yahoo.com, and proceded to send Colins e-mails, daily giving him different "Special Missions" to perform. The other guy was in the next room over having himself a blast. He told Colin he was a member of the CIA, and he had to have all the "Secret Missions" he was sending him on immediately due to National Security issues. One of the "Missions" he sent Colin on was to count all the Lithuanian soldiers, he fullfilled that mission. His next "Mission" was to count all the blonde headed female Lithuanian soldiers on base, again Colin perform majestically. Another mission, he had to see on the average how long a Lithuanian soldier spent in the bathroom. I did not iquire into what sex this soldier was.

    Remember the dog incident, well here is the rest of the story. The "CIA" guy told Colin that the Taliban here were infecting animals with Rabies and turning them loose near the FOB's. He told Colin he needed him to dig up the dead dog, chop off his head and send the head to the US Embassy in Kabul. After he sent this e-mail he watched what Colin would do. Sure enough Colin scrounged up a shovel, and found a cardboard box, off he headed to where he had buried the dog, and proceded to dig up the dog.:smile2: The "CIA" agent asked him what he was doing and Colin did not want to tell him due to "National Security" issues. But eventually he did and the "CIA" agent did not tell him who was doing it, but said, "Colin, USembassy@yahoo.com, dont that sound a little fishy, shouldnt the U.S. Embassy have their own e-mail server?" Something like USEMBASSY.gov?

    I know I joke around sometimes, but I swear this is a true story. When I heard this, I laughed until I cried.