We’ve been corrupted

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by Michael Jake, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Michael Jake

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    Troy, Missouri
    Did a post night before last and it disappeared. Found it in no mans land so checked with whistler because the response was dated 8/15/03 so it was placed as #1 post. Asked Bryan if it was corrupted or what could have happened. He said…. You are correct about corrupted. Yesterday we had a date problem with our server…. Just found another example under Mo. Rivers on Kutters post of “Mississippi River near Festus” Kutter, your now the #2 dude here, Cuz done took over… :eek:oooh: …. Well fellow corrupt catfisherman Kutter, (the one with the black cloud hanging over head), since Cuz is trying to move in on your #1 spot and is leaving with Vince on a tourney, you’ll have to come up here and fish the mighty Mo. with me.
  2. Dreadnaught

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    Kutter??? Corupt...Black cloud over his head???....NO WAY,LMAO!!!

  3. Malichi1970

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    I noticed things were kind of screwy yesterday. The only way I could find the thread about going to Festus last night was to look into my posting history and then post a new reply, bringing it back from the dead. I posted a thread yesterday about BLuegill fishing in that thread, but when I looked today it too disappeared...guess I'll have to do the same with it.
  4. pythonjohn

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    F L A Swamps
    Yea a very weird day for everybody.