Watts Bar, Kingston?

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  1. Abu65

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    I'm headed down in a couple weeks to fish Watts bar again for my annual spring trip. Does anyone know if the skips are biting at Kingston or will they be at Watts bar dam by then? Thanks, Abu65
  2. jrod79

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    north carolina
    man i been asking the same question for 2 months with no answers. good luck if i hear someting ill let you know

  3. RonH

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    You can catch them if you have a boat but not from the bank. - That has been my experience the last two weeks that is. Talked to one of the locals about it and ever since they put that yellow oil catching thing across the canal he said it has been nearly impossible to catch them from the bank. He and his two buddies go out a ways in his boat, catch skips, then bring them back live and fish them on planers from the bank in the canal. I guess that thing keeps them from going up in the canal. It's a shame as I used to go up there 3 or 4 times a winter in my camaro to striper fish when O.H. would get real muddy. Can't do that anymore and I'm not dragging a boat all the way up there from White House just to catch a few fish. Also you should be able to catch shad all winter there in the shallow coves - they are full of warm water and I have always seen plenty of bait flipping every time I've been there. Hope this helps...