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    heyyall how do u put a waterpump on a 4stroke out board:embarassed:
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    SW Ohio
    You talking about the impeller? Or the entire water pump assembly? An impeller is very easy to replace, just drop the LU and the housing will be staring at you right on top of the drive shaft. Probably 4 bolts holding the housing in place, and the actual impeller is inside that housing, get a water pump repair kit that will give the all the gaskets and o rings, and a new impeller. When you pull the impeller out make sure you put the new one back in the SAME way you pulled the old one. I would also suggest getting a manual for that motor it will pay for itself real quick. I think this is what you need assistance with, if I am wrong sorry..But the manual will help you in dropping your lower unit, I know some are harder than others when it comes to disconnecting the shift rod. Bubbakat will probably want your year, model, and serial number. He will chime in if I missed something, good luck..