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    Just checkin' to see what your favorite watermelons are to grow. I prefer 'Jubilee', but grow others as well. I also grow a VERY OLD timey watermelon. The seeds from this melon have been handed down through several generations. It is solid pale green, with an orangish yellow flesh. Very sweet. It is oblong and gets quite large, nearly as large as 'Jubilee'. I will get some pics up later. If anyone here knows it's name, I'd appreciate it. I was browsing the web, and see that there are numerous odd cultivars out there. Next year, I hope to try one called 'Ice', that has a WHITE flesh, supposedly very sweet. Also, many of you may have seen the SQUARE watermelons. In Japan, they grow some of their melons in square plexi glass boxes. While on the vine, they place a tiny melon in the "box", as it grows larger, it takes the shape of the "box" it is grown in. They grow them like that to utilize their space better in the fridge. I might try that and see what happens! BTW: I'll be happy to share some seeds from my very old strain of yellow fleshed melon. I'll be happy to trade for unusual cultivars, or will send a dozen or two for postage. These old timey melons are prolific, and produce like crazy. Odd thing about their seeds is that they are WHITE.
    Here is a link to some rare watermelon seeds.
    Bill in SC
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    Thanks Bill for a very informative post and for the web site. I had never heard of a square mellon. Enjoyed.

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    I been growing chelsea watermelon this year.They have growing these up in Iowa since the early 1900s they weigh in at about 20 to 30 lb ,in my opinion its as sweet as any hybrid and more productive.If you or any others would like some seed pm me.I sure would like to try out the melon you are growing. Good luck and happy growing
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    Lost Wages
    I watched a show once that Disney had cukes in a mickey mouse mold. They grew everything in hydroponics. This garden supplied there restaurant year round.
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    The crimson red cannonball watermellons.
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    Being a Carolina Boy myself, I dont think it really matters. As long as I have a watermelon and a shalt shaker.