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    How do you grow your watermelons? For many years I tried to grow them without much luck. Then several years ago a friend told me his secrets and I've been enjoying some delicious watermelons every year since. I dig a deep whole where I plan on planting the melon seeds or starts...in this hole, I put straw, newspaper shreds and fertilizer, usually rabbit manure and layer these things with soft soil and mound it up into a 2'x2' mound. I then plant 3 different plants in the mound. I lay straw on top of the mounds to keep the soil moist and water weekly in the dry months. It seems to work for me. How do ya'll do it? I plan on growing a truck load this year!:wink:
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    Year before last was the first year I planted watermellons. That spring, I put cow-manure mixed with their bedding straw on the garden. Had three plants planted, and grew 28 large mellons. I was suprised! I gave everyone in my neighborhood one. Two of them were over 50 pounds each!!! Last year, I didn't put the manure on, or straw. Granted we had alot of rain, and most of the garden struggled, but out of three plants I had 1 mellon grow about the size of a volleyball. :sad2: .. I think I will try the manure and straw tilled in again this spring!:wink: rollo