Wateree trip with BOC brother 10/23

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  1. GatorT

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    Camden, South Carolina
    Talk about being slack in the butt. I had a chance to go fishing with a BOC brother, Palmetto (Darren), last Friday. And I am just now getting around to making a post about it - I've had a lot going on.

    Palmetto brought his 11 year son with him, Andrew, and I brought my 13 year old boy, Sidney. We got a late start. Palmetto got to my house about 8:30 - 9:00 Friday night, and we got onto the water about 9:30-10:00. And it took about a half hour to catch bait. We had gizzard shad, some big threadfin and one white perch.

    We started our first drift at about 10:30 or so, with the wind blowing out of the South. Then the West. Then the South. Then South-west. You starting to see a pattern? We ended up drifting across the lake, and I've never done any good drifting across the lake. Too bad, too, cause I was hoping to put them on some fish. But Mother Nature didn't want to cooperate.

    We caught four or five fish total. Biggest one was nine pounds.

    But here's the best part - Palmetto's son caught his personal best at 3.9, then turned right around and broke that one with a 4.0. You should have seen how excited that boy was - it was a great thing to get to watch. We've got another addict on our hands.

    Although the fishing wasn't that great, I had a chance to meet Darren and his son and get to know them a little. Great guys, hope to get to fish with them again. And I'm sure we will.

    By the way, remember I said that we had one white perch? The bait of choice was - of course - white perch.

    Congratulations, Andrew, on an awesome catch.

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  2. GatorT

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    Camden, South Carolina
    By the way, fish were harmed in the making of this trip. Killed and grilled.

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  3. Bill in SC

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    South Caro
    Good post, GatorT! Those were the perfect size for Lake Crisco. Glad the kids had fun!

  4. Catmanblues

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    S.E Ohio
    Thanks for the post an pictures Ronnie
  5. gotta go

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    The good thing about taking kids fishn is, they never complain about the size fish they catch. They are just happy to be out there fishn.
    Good report Gator.
  6. BigBird

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    Charlotte, NC
    Good job-great time for the kids. Nothing like taking the kids and having a catfish supper.
    It seems the wind is always blowing from the southerly direction whenever i am at wateree?
  7. Patmansc

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    Greer, SC
    Pat Chaney
    WTG, Gator-man! Taking kids out is great! An' helpin'em catch fish is a wunnerful thang :smile2:
  8. pop pop

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    Lake Green
    Great job Gator!:wink: Helping kids smack a fish is BIG STUFF.:big_smile:
  9. Palmetto

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    Elgin, SC
    Man, I learned more in one trip with Ronnie about cat-smackin' than I have since I was snatchin' squealers out of our shallow cove on Lake Murray when I was a kid!

    He was nice enough to invite me out, and I told him I wasn't gonna be able to since I was planning on some time with Andrew that night. It was awesome that we were both able to take the kids out and Sid and Andrew got along like two whiskers on a bullhead.

    My recent drifting frustrations on Lake Wateree had been leaving me frustrated and hung up. I felt like I had been going out to see how many Carolina Rigs I could donate to the rocks, logs, and brush... every time I started a good drift.

    Ronnie showed me the magic of the "slinky weights"!
    Drifting the deep with the megasharp circle hooks and snagless slinkeylovelead runnin' that bottom with no snags was an experience to be repeated! We let the kids reel in the fish, and it made me think about my Grandad when I was a kid. I never understood why he was content to watch US fish when we were kids, instead of fishing himself. :smile2:

    My son, Andrew has been just as completely obsessed as I am with whisker-chasin'... and caught his personal best twice that night.... gotta luv it.

    Ronnie, thanks man. You made some friends, showed a fella how to drift without snaggin'... and hooked my young cat-smacker up with his personal best... TWICE.

    Now, I need a hookup on a bag of slinky-weights! Any idea where I can get some??? :wink:

    I have some pics also... will get them off the camera and onto monitors around the world this weekend. :big_smile:

    I gotta run, I think the stew is ready! (10 lb. bluestew caught with your dadgum slinky that was still on my rod!)

    Fellas... this is what the brotherhood is all about. I have lurked for years, since the old www.brotherhoodofcatfisherman.com . Now I get to put it into action, and meet some of the folks I have come to know here.

    The stars were shooting across the sky, the boat was driftin'... kids were smackin' and grinnin'... I thought back to my fishing mentor growing up. His name was Jimmy Lindler from Union, SC- he was our neighbor at Murray that took my brother and I fishing every weekend when we were kids. I don't think Jimmy had all that much money, but he knew true wealth.

    As I watched those grins and stars and listened to the waves smacking the back of the boat, I had to quote old Jimmy's words....

    "I wonder what the Po' folks are doing?" :wink:

    Some things you can't buy, or go back and get later.

    Thanks, Ronnie- for a rich night of fishing that will keep on giving now that I know what to do.

    Let me know if you wanna do it again sometime... soon? :smile2:

    Palmetto Cat-Smacker