Wateree River

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  1. bcgamecock

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    South Carolina
    Is there anyone here that fishes the Wateree River regularly? I have fished it a few times in the past year and have some good bream holes and a couple of cat holes that usually produce. I haven't gotten real serious with the cats yet but I plan to start doing that this week. I fish the Wateree River around Horatio out of a private landing that is about 10 miles upriver of the Hwy. 378 bridge. I fish out of a G3 1544 johnboat but I don't have a sonar unit yet.

    Anybody got any advice for that section of the Wateree River?
  2. BigBird

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    Charlotte, NC
    Contact mudfishmusic. He fishes the wateree/congaree around and up from the confluence area. I havent seen him post in a couple of weeks but just shoot him a pm.