Wateree River

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    Spent a few hours out at the Wateree River under the 378 bridge. My paticular spot was taken so I had to move up stream right under the bridge. I only caught one channel that was probably right around a pound. The guy that was fishing where I wanted to caught 4 that were about the same size. I keep going back with hopes of catching some decent size fish, but only ever catch small ones.
    So I have a few questions; One if there are smaller cats, are the bigger ones there too and just need to be patient?

    Two, does the bridge have any effect on the location of the fish? For example do they prefer to stay away from the pillars or does it not matter much.

    Three, nightcrawlers seem to be what the smaller fish are eating the most, so do the larger fish prefer the same or does each fish act different?

    Any advice anyone can give me would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    There is tons of shad in wateree river most of the yr so i would try to net some of those and use them cut or whole for the larger cats. right behind the bridge pilars may be good where the dirt has washed out and created a deeper hole also slow the current down abit.

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    Patience and fresh fish cut or alive is what you need for big fish.Nightcrawlers is usually only gone get smaller catfish.Like Ronald said the bridge can be good too.