Wateree River below the dam????????

Discussion in 'SOUTH CAROLINA RIVERS TALK' started by flatheadsalyer1, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. flatheadsalyer1

    flatheadsalyer1 New Member

    Pickens, SC
    Going down to Fort Jackson for drill this weekend, thought I might try below the dam for a while. Anybody heard whats going on with the cats down there? Thanks in advance,

  2. GatorT

    GatorT New Member

    Camden, South Carolina
    Steve, I haven't heard anything, but crossing over the water on the bridge the past few days, the water sure looks good. It's back to normal, all clear. Did I mention that it looks good? I can't wait to get down there, myself. You can just hear those fish begging for some bait.

    The only problem is that I haven't seen any current moving.

    Let me know how you do.