Wateree Lake or River

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  1. tnfishman

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    Lake, Camden or Lugoff in river for catfish? Which way should I go up stream or downstream. Never been to Wateree before. Is there any nice motels near by? How about catching your bait fish, throw net or hook?
    If you think the lake will be the best in a week or so where would be my best bet to launch?
  2. martygreen

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    Rock Hill,S.C.
    Best bet is to put in at wateree creek landing,go out in the main channel,take a left and follow all way around till ya get in the river below cedar creek dam,good numbers of blues being caught up in the river,most of the time shad is easy to catch around the bridge at the landing,try on the right side of bridge if your facing around the middle to grassy area near the rocks,there are a few motels along the interstate that are not to far away,best bet for motel would be at hwy 9 exit north of the lake,also you can catch some cats at lughof below lake wateree dam,but if you have never been on that part of the river,be very careful,full of rocks,and a few submerged trees,the other spot would be best for starters,hope this helps