wateree flathead catfish

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    i was wondering if anyone has caught any flatheads from wateree . i had a good friend of mine tell me caught one tuesday ,it weighed about 10lb,he caught it while striper fishing with live bluebacks, i did not see it but he does know his fish, so i have no reason to doubt it, and from it's size and his description that is what it had to be, but i have caught atleast a 5000 cats from there the the last couple years with not a single flathead to be seen:confused2:, then again i have fished wylie since i was 10 and i am 41 now and i just now started to see the flatheads showing up ,i have been catching them all over the lake now:smile2:.
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    Jeff - If you're talking about Wateree River, we've caught plenty of flatheads. We didn't used to weigh or take pictures before I joined the B.O.C., so I could find only one picture. It's my dad holding a flathead, and we still don't know what it weighed. It bottomed out 50lb scales.

    As far as the lake, I feel sure that I have caught them in the lake, but now that I'm trying, I can't remember any specific examples. I know about 15 years ago, a commercial fisherman dumped two large loads of flatheads into the lake. He caught a lot of flak from the local commercial guys about not knowing if the lake was big enough to support the flatheads. And this is not fact - it is hear-say.

    DNR didn't stock Wateree Lake until about 17 years ago with blues. But we were catching 40-50 lb blues 15 years ago. So that just doesn't add up.

    Hope some of this rambling might have helped.

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    I haven't seen any in the lake yet but they should be some in there.
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    You can catch tons of Flatheads from 1-5 lbs in the channel behind Beaver Creek bridge-try shrimp
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    At the last tournament there I caught a small one in the cast net catching shad. Ive heard of others being caught the same way. They are in Wylie and have never been stocked so Im sure they are there also. It just might take someone to target them and well start to see more.