Wateree Dusk/Night Bite & Float Fishing

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    I've always done good at my aunts house on the main part of Wateree, fished it since I was 2 1/2. There's a big 8+ foot drop hump that holds fish. We fish the last few hours before dark til midnight or as late as 5 AM.

    One thing I've noticed is we get a run of fish right at dark almost every time we've been this year, 8-15 lbs, which is what we fish for with big chunks of fresh cut shad, white perch, or a live 3-4" bream.

    After dark it's like the fish disappear...we might not get a bite from dark til 3 AM, fresh bait every 30 minutes and all.

    I fish a Carolina rig with a 1.5-3 oz egg sinker so I can hit the hump 70+ yards out, with a short 10-12" leader to help with distance. I use a kahle or Octopus hook from 1/0-5/0 depending on the baits.

    My question is where should I be placing my baits after that dusk run, do the fish move in closer off of the hump, should I set out a bait on a float, or what (there's not much for cover, trees and stuff, my aunt took a big hook and towed all the cover off because they got hung up too much :eek:oooh:).

    How do y'all rig your floats for night time? What depth do you start at, do you tie a big sinker on the bottom to keep the float in place and send out a snap swivel on top of the float with your bait, or do you do a slip float and rethrow every 10 minutes when they're pulling the water?