Wateree Dam question

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    I am planning on traveling up there Thursday to catch some bait for this upcoming weekend since I hear the dam is a very popular shad hangout. I was just wondering how close to the water can you get? I have thoughts of dams I have seen in the past and all they have is a fishing platform that is not even near the water and no way to get near the water so cast netting would be impossible. So is there anyway to get near the water there to toss the net around for awhile?
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    there is a platform right at the bottom of the dam and the water is right under you. it is usually fairly crowed up there for a net but most people use what they call a dip net on the platform. a net with a very long handle that you sweep through the water. from the end of the platform down the river you can get right on the edge of the river if the water isnt flowing to hard. and the water doesnt slpoe of at the edge it is a straight drop to the bottom. I throw my net off the rocks most of the time when I am down there. beside the towers be careful with a net easy to get it hung but below the towers it isnt as bad. I throw mine off the rocks at the end of the parking lot on the dam side and havent lost one there yet. there will be people there most of the time so just ask about anybody they can tell you. the stripers should be getting there real well bout now.