Wateree/Congaree Rivers

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  1. flathead22

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    Hey, guys, can anyone tell me anything at all about fishing the wateree and or the congaree rivers for cats? I have heard that there are big cats in those rivers. Are the rivers big and wide? I have a ranger bass boat with a 115 hp merc, can I put in the river and navigate them safely? Are there any good boat ramps on the rivers? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  2. whichrod

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    i fish both and it can be done buttttttttttt you need to go with someone first that knows the river when its high and low both rivers have rocks galore

  3. Rookie12

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    I just got back from a camping trip to the congaree river this weekend. We caught 28 fish all weekend, 3 of those were stripers, biggest 12 lb. The biggest cat was a 46 lb. blue cat and we had three more in the 20's. The rest were around 10 lb. or less. All on cut shad and herring. Put in at 601 bridge and fished upriver. later!!