Wateree Blue Cat

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  2. Looks like you had a nice day. When you say wateree river do you mean the upper end of the lake or below wateree lake towerd the congree. From the picture it looked so wide to be what I call the wateree river below lake wteree. I plan on fishing the upper end of the lake on 4-2 for blues. I have not been to watree yet this year but once i start i try to go ant least every two weeks untill about june. That was a nice 33 you had there i would be happy with half of the luck you had for my trip tomm.

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    Gaffney, SC
    Great spot to fish. Great knowing you are much like me in releasing the big boys back to where they came from. My daughter and I will be down there Monday to fish that same spot. If you happen to down that way holler at me.