Wateree 8/16

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    Hit my aunts place around 5:30 PM. Netted some gizzard shad, plenty of small threadfins around but I just throw 'em back... have perch pecking on them before a nice cat can find them.

    Soak a few nice chunks of shad, catch a few bream on a sabiki rig, no perch around within net distance. Have a run on a live bream, moving steady left to right. I kill the clicker and put it in gear and he drops it. Oh well.

    Little bit later I haul in a pretty 12 lb blue on cut shad. Come dusk I lay into something weird, it hit hard, swam towards me, then started fighting about 20 feet from the pier. Thought it might be a striper but no such luck. Shook its head like a shark, did several short runs. Net her up and it's a fat (I mean noticeable fat all in the guts) 6 or 7 lb channel cat. Very healthy fish. Pulled harder than the 12 lber.

    Got dark and they didn't want us to run the lights since they just pressure washed the boats and pier. Oh well. Gave it a little while longer and headed home.

    Both had a half dozen or so mussels in their stomach. Been seeing a lot of that lately... Wateree's in prime shape for a great fish to come out of her. :wink: