Wateree 4-12-09 - Channel Catfish on Gizzard and threadfin shad

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    Took the wife and daughter out for a day on the lake. Got up to Wateree creek around 11. Had a hard time getting bait. Only managed one gizzard and one threadfin before I got wore out and gave up. I had some redworms for the ladies so I was hoping they would catch a few perch. Tried a few spots in the creek for perch, but nothing was biting. Finally decided to go try to get some cats with the 2 shad we have.

    I just picked up a drift sock this week and was excited to setup my first drift. The plan was to put it out the back and drift forward. Well that failed within minutes. My boat would turn to the side in the wind and was nothing I could do about it. I corrected it a few times, but it would just turn again. So decided to drift sideways since that's what it wants to do. Hooked the sock up in the middle and a way we went. We drifted for about an hour and half and ended up with 4 eaters. The big one was a 3lb channel. So no big fish, but a good start to my drifting career and a decent meal in the end.
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    keep at it bill you will get the hang of it. Atleast you didnt get skunked.

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    Hang in there Bill,You will be loading the boat before long with bait and nice cats,Its all not gonna come together at once,but over a period of time you will notice all the little troubles getting easier and easier,No one ever said fishing was easy,sometimes I need to go back to work so I can rest.:wink:
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    i had the same problem with my center console. Try connecting the sock to the motor and steer with the wind. That fixed my problem.