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I spent today just laying around and wasting my time doing a lot of nothing. Eventually got around to feeling motivated so I changed some spark plug wires on the car and went to make sure it worked. Out of habit I decided to drive by the place I fish and to my surprise there were 4 police cars in my spot. Since they did not have guns drawn or lights on I decided to see what was going on.

As I walked up I could tell they were focused on something laying on the ground. Turns out a River Otter had found its way to the duck pond, more than 1 hour away from where they were reintroduced in the mountains and that is by car. It was in horrible shape. Barely moving and breathing was labored. The cops were busy pouring water on it to keep it cool and relaxed. I made a run to get more water to ensure it stayed wet. No one knew how it got there but it was called in by some other fisherman. We spent the time wetting the Otter which one cop quiped "We should document this for the CIA as a case of waterboarding for a good cause". TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency) was called and were in route when I had to leave for work but I can only hope the otter recovers. It had went from motionless to moving its head and legs when I left so it looks like there is a good chance it will make it. It was to be taken to the UT Vet clinic to get checked up, the same place that rehabs for the Knox Zoo. Hopefully he recovers fully and is maybe one day in the zoo exhibit showing off for the public.

The most likely cause for its injury is ignorant kids being allowed to run around without supervision. They throw rocks at ducks (3 ducks dead this week) , skunks and anything else that moves. This time it looks like they hit an otter and to me all their actions are attrocious. Last year me and my dad observed the kids hitting a mangy skunk with rocks saying "its little try and hit it". We thought maybe we should yell look how small they are and peg the kids but we restrained and just ran them off. All I know is that the lack of supervision of kids is pushing it at this place. We have called cops and have them talked too and sent home but that is it. The parents don't even care.

Here are 2 picture I took via cell phone so they are not the best.


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