Water Turkeys pullin up shad

Discussion in 'Shad Talk' started by GMC FishHauler, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. GMC FishHauler

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    Today as i was driving around i saw HUGE amount of water turkeys (cormorants???) in my local Buffalo Hole. There was probably around 200 of them all diving and getting shad. i saw a couple pull up some 8" shad and eat them. I guess if i need shad from now on i will just look for those birds!!
  2. FishBrew

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    yep ... and if you want catfish, you can fish below those same shad. Odds are there are blue and channel cat just below that school of shad feeding on the leftover, tore up shad that is floating to the bottom. Kinda like a sandwich buffet for the birds and the cats. :smile2:

  3. melvinrose

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    What goes in a bird, comes out of a bird. Find where they are roosting over water, sneak up with the trolling motor as quietly as you can, and chances are that there will be some big blues or channelcats waiting to scarf up that stuff that comes out of the birds. I love to do that. It is more like hunting than fishing. I use Danny King punch bait on a #6 treble hook under a small cork, stay as far back as I can so I dont spook the fish, and cast the bait to um. You would be surprised that a 10lb blue will be there in two feet of water just waiting.