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Discussion in 'Boating' started by daniel-delarosa, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. daniel-delarosa

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    seminole, oklahoma
    Can a high water tempature in a lake be bad on your outboard? I like to fish in an OG&E lake in the winter. I went out there yesterday and noticed the water was very warm so I loaded my boat back up and went somewhere else. I was afraid my motor wouldn't cool itself since the water was so warm already.
  2. crusinman2002

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    Mukwonago, Wisconsin
    as far as i can tell, the water should still cool your motor down, the water is goin to be cooler than the motor itself which will be runnin at over 100 degrees, so unless if your water is at 110 or 120 i wouldn't see a problem, although, if it was that hot out to get the water that hot, i wouldn't be outside no way... lol

  3. AwShucks

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    If the water is to hot for the motor, I'd fish elsewhere. The fish are probably dead in that lake. LOL