Water Temperature For Flathead Catfish Spawn?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by TxRiverman, May 5, 2006.

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    Lockhart Tx
    At what water temp do the flatties start spawning? The river I fish in has a year around temp of 72deg,give or take 2deg. Would this constant temp affect when they would spawn? And what other affects,if any, would a constant water temp have on the feeding habits of the flatties?
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    Being from Texas puts you in the Southern Range, and typical spawning months would be May/June for that area. Catfish are motivated to spawn in water temps 75 degrees or above. Some info I have read suggests catfish in prespawn usually move upstream in search of first - food, then spawning habitat. Barriers such as big dams and low head dams temporarily concentrate cats. With these elements of the spawn being instinctual, you may want to focus on them more so than water temp in your river situation.
    The book, Critical Concepts for Catfish says, "Spawn is triggered by the length of daylight or photoperiod, which cats sense in the brain. Linking spawning in part to length of daylight is one guarantee against eggs hatching to early or to late, which could happen if spawning time were based solely on water temps." Hope you find this helpful.