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    Well, I've always enjoyed skiing and wakeboarding and such. I had a close call a few years ago in the cooper with a 8 ft gator. I was skiing by the hot water discharge with my wife pulling me when my suzuki 140 almost came off the back of the sea pro. She throttled down and i eased down, rope still in hand, still in the sitting position. she says, what the hell was that. I said that it looked like she had the rope around the motor, she said no way cause she checked it before we started the run. She says I think I hit that log. I turned my head and all I see is nostrils and eyes about 15 ft away. Go, go, Gator, I say. She went I got up and skiied about 500 yards and told her to cut it. I got in the boat and told her what had happened all she heard was go go now! That gator may have just been floating at me cause she hit him hard at 20mph, but I nearly shat myself. I've seen Nick's picture of his gator, which I was amazed what that 370lb gator could of done to me. I saw the 2 800 lb gators from the edisto and down in florida. Now this on the link below. I wish I could figure out how to attach the email with all the pics and the communication between the helicopter and game warden tracking this thing. It may be a hoax, but they have pictures with it swimming with a full grown deer in it's mouth. I've always said gators won't bother you, go ski. I am retired from skiing. when I retire from the navy, if I go back to Va I may pick it back up. I'm fishing all the time on the water instead. I have about a grand in skis, wakeboard, and kneeboards. If anybody wats to pick up some of this stuff for about half price let me know.
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    I was in one of those rivers a few yrs back, but i believe its called the Santee River. We had put in below Monks Corner in a creek that led out into the river. But anyway, i seen the largest gator i have ever seen. he was huge, laying up on the sandbar sunning. this thing had to be 12-14 feet and looked like he may have already eaten because of how fat he was. I can't see anyone ski'ing in that water way.:crazy: Not me brother:smile2: