Water movement?

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by playinghooky, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. playinghooky

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    north carolina
    Do blues like fast moving water or do they search out the slower pockets of water
  2. whisker bend

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    Current Is Important But It Doesnt Have To Be Fast. Earlier You Posted About How Long You Leave Your Poles Out In A Spot. Som Times Waiting Pays Off But No Matter What You Do If Your Using Cut Bait You Need To Change Your Bait Every 15 To 20 Min. The Blood And Oils Attract The Catfish. You Want To Keep The Bait Fresh.

  3. laidbck111

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    Dan IMO blues like to be in the slow/no current pocket near moving water waiting for food to be brought to them, on a river. In a lake with I think they actually move around, a lot more that we think, following the food source and feeding fish picking up the easy meals. These are just my opinions and may differ from others though.
  4. cumberlandcat

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    If I see top water current or I set up in a place where my bait is harder to keep down I usaully do better why I guess I can't answer that one but I would say some current is good.
  5. BKS72

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    East of KC
    They like both, just depends on what the body of water you're fishing is doing and how the fish are feeling. In the spring I do well in the slacker parts of the river, probably because that's where the bait fish are (and I'm lazy and don't always like to fool around with getting anchored up in the current :big_smile: ). Also, if the river is up or stable, I do OK in the slacker parts. If it's down or on the drop, I have more luck in the channel (more current). I think the best spot overall is to find the slowest "pocket" of current in the fastest current. Out here in the MO river, we fish the holes off the ends of wing dykes. The current is screaming by, but the hole provides some cover from the current. Same for small depressions or holes in the main channel. The fish can rest below the lip of the hole and pick out whatever the river is bringing down without having to struggle against the current. Cover in the current is also good. Same idea, the fish can stay behind a downed tree or a bridge piling without fighting the current but still pick up the food washed down the river. Good luck!
  6. IrishO'Brady

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    I'd agree with both. Some days I catch them where the current is so strong I can only keep my bait in a "strike zone" or optimal fishing spot for about 15 seconds before it gets carried off (and thats with a 5 oz bank sinker). I caught 2 last month over 40 in that fast of a current, and prior I thought only smaller fish, 30 and under were hooked that way. Last weekend the current was doing nothing so I headed to a very slow slow spot little or no current over a sandbar - it got me approx 58 lb'er. So all I can say is try your hand at both. I think a lot of it has to do with how much trash is in the current, as many times the blues will be in strong current, but will be hiding behind something like a log, rock, or hump to conserve energy, and reaching out to grab stuff as it drifts by... lazy buggers. hope this helps