Water levels in the Oklahoma lakes

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  1. Rosey

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    I have been to a few lakes close by and the water Has gone down alot thunder bird in Norman has closed 2 boat ramps. I'm not sure if any of the others have closed boat ramps? I was just wandering how the other state lakes are doing?
  2. Love Them Cats

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    Vinita, Oklahoma
    Grand Lake is about the same.
    I don't know if they have closed any ramps, but there's not as many boats on the lake now days.
    I know the area we fish, the ramps are almost out of the water.

    I heard about someone the other day trying to get their $200,000 boat in and they tore the heck out of the bottom and the engines.


  3. barney leonard

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    I also fish Thunderbird weekly and its in bad shape.Only 3 ramps open out of 9 and all the docks are sitting on the dirt:sad2: If it doesn't rain alot soon I bet the other ramps could close before winter.If it drops two and a half more feet then it will be at a new lew record,I hope this does't happen.
  4. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Guthrie and Liberty lakes are each down 6 or 7 feet. Guthrie has closed its one existing ramp, but a new ramp is to be opened later this week. Liberty's ramp is so shallow you have to manually push the boat off the trailer. I wish the city/county/state would come in while these lakes are so low and remove some of the silt and improve the structure for the fish. They could sure anchor a bunch of downed trees now, or dump some concrete scraps for structure. A road grader/back hoe could sure remove a bunch of those little stunted willow trees that restrict bank anglers to certain areas. There is a lot they could do. City says they don't have the workers but everytime you see a city crew, there is generally 5 men - 2 working and 3 watching. Same old story about government mismanagement.
  5. Cutshad

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    Newalla, Oklahoma (Shawnee)
    Hey Lawrence, It has been awhile since I have been to either one of those lakes. All of them around here are way low. I wonder if the City would allow volunteers to go in and remove hindrances and make fish structure. I bet we could get a few folks together and make a few improvements that would help. I know of a few groups that need to do community service for their clubs and I am sure they would be willing. Let me know if we can and maybe we can plan something. Thanks, Brian Martin