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    just wondering hows the water level in monticello and when on the lake do you have to worry about hitting stumps or low water places like you do below the damn thanks
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    Monty is a deep lake with few hazzards. Many of the humps come up fairly shallow, but are well marked if a hazzard. Lots of people say the depth can change 5 or 6 feet a day if they are generating heavy, but in my 6 or 7 trips I have never seen this.

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    Monticello is a deep lake and the shallow parts are marked well. They do pull a lot of water out of the lake at night and it will drop about 5-6 feet they put the water back in before daybreak. If you fish during the day time not much to worry about, if you fish at night carry some kind of spot light so you can keep an eye out for bouy's. Like I said the lake is deep, but the marked areas will be at least 5' shallower at night and can be dangerous. Also be aware of the wind, if it starts blowing hard, the lake gets real dangerous because of the white capping. (have seen 2-3 foot swells). Hope this helps.
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    The buoys might be 300 yards away from an island but if you go between the islands and the buoys go slow. I know one guy who tore up the foot on his motor that way.

    The lake does fluctuate a lot daily. I've camped and had to walk a rope 50' up a beach at 3 in the morning to tie my boat to a tree. And when I got up the boat was floating at the tree.
    Also some rocks are only exposed during low times, but their marked with buoys like the other gentlemen said.