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Watch Where You Step!

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During early season scouting, I killed this timber rattler. We have to be careful, because there are quite a few poison snakes moving around this time of the year.


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Man that would have made a great pet, wish i could catch a timber that big around here, all we ever see is the little 2 to 3 footers. I perfer to keep them alive.
wow bigboy, :eek: thats a big rattler compared to what we see in kansas!!! i dont think ours are timbers though...
-Jonathan wadel, greensburg ks
I killed this one on the edge of a swamp, which is why they are usually called canebrake rattlers around here, instead of timber rattler. They tend to be found in those areas, where the diamond back is usually found on higher ground. This one was pretty big for this area, too, although sometimes a larger one is killed.
i agree with gator, nice rattler, but would rather see you handling it while it was still alive. do you intend on eating it? one of my dad's friends is a logger and i have seen a couple of rattlers that he has killed in the past. he would cure the skin and actually eat them :cool:
Big snake! I'd rather come across a rattlesnake than a water moccassin any least the rattlesnake will warn you if you come too close - the moccassin will ambush you (and chase you too!)
yeah that is a good size rattler , iran over one last season that was stretched acrossed the road turned out to an eastern diamond back about 6 feet in length. we also come across the pigmy rattlers quite a bit sometimes to much....i still am a firm beleiver that a dead snake is a good snake (can't stand them or spiders....yuck :cursing: ...)
Does anyone know how cold does it need to get in order for snakes to start hibernating?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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