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Watch that bug spray!

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Normally I fish alone but I made an exception two nights ago. I was catching fish, my neighbor caught nothing. His mistake was he was slathered in bug spray. His hands were coated, which transfered to his equipment, his bait bag and bait. I lightly spray deet on the outside of my fishing clothes, then place them in a black plastic trash bag, tie it up good and set it out in the hot sun to bake while I afternoon nap. Before hitting the water I don plastic gloves and spray a wash cloth with the deet then rub it on the exposed neck and face. Keep the spray off your hands, equipment, and bait. I bet most of you guys know this already. If the skeeters are biting your hands wear water skiing gloves that Wal-Mart sells, they have excellent grip, come in all sizes, easy to clean, skeeters can't bite through them.
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Good to hear from you again, Diodeman. I was thinking of you the other day when looking through the map and info you sent me.
i dont even use bug lots of garlic........and dont wear deoderant or any artificial smell..........they dont mess with me too much......well i do get some bites but it seems if u eat a lot of garlic in ur diet it helps.........
Don't eating a lot of garlic make you stink at work? I simply don't use that much of it and i don't spray it on my hands. Most the time I don't even use it. Although there are other products out there that work very well and don't stink.
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