Watch out for great kayak deals right now!

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    If you are interested in joining the rapidly growing kayak catfishermen community, right now is an exceptional time for you to jump in the game!

    Legacy Watersports was born out of a merger between Heritage Kayaks (Featherlight SIK and Redfish SOT, outstanding angler craft) and Native Watersports (Ultimate and Magic, great canoe-like kayaks with great stability). Legacy Watersports also has acquired the Liquid Logic Manta Ray angler kayaks as well (Legacy already owned the molds, from what I understand).

    What does this mean to you? There is a lot of redesign in progress and several new models in the works. There are a lot of great angler-appointed kayaks out there going on clearance to make room for new models. This means that there are going to be great deals in the offering for those wishing to buy.

    If you are a newbie interested in some great deals, PM me and I can point you in the right direction!
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    Another good place to look for a deal on kayaks is outfits that rent kayaks or offer kayak or canoe tours. Sometimes they will sell used boats in the late fall then buy new ones when it starts warming up again.