Washita in Davis???

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  1. Dallaskatdaddy

    Dallaskatdaddy New Member

    Anyone fish the Washita river in or near Davis OK ? Just wanted to know what the the fishin was like, or what they are bitting on.
  2. Boomer

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    Havent fished it around Davis, however there are some pretty good hole around the Dougherty area, if you want to go that far.

    If so, there is a place about 5 miles north of Dougherty on the right hand side, you will see a parking space, where everyone pulls off. Another pretty good hole is go down to, Dougherty, and go across the rail road, then across the bridge, take the next immediate left (dirt road) and keep going until you see a turn in spot.

    As for bait would get some worms and chicken liver, and some cut bait. My Dad caught a 45 lb channel out of the hole on a bank line.

    Good luck....

    While I am home I am going to try and find the picture of that channel and post it. It is pretty amazing. He said he weighed it on his bathroom scales, before he threw the hot oil to it.