Washington County Lake 8-24,25,&26

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    Went camping and catfishing at Washington County Lake after not being there in about 10 years. Never have had a lot of luck there. Fished a couple of hours Friday night, no luck. Saturday, I rented a boat and covered the lake from one end to the other and caught a small large mouth bass. Sunday I fished an inlet next to the campground and hooked what I assume was a flathead, it pulled me into the lake, had to grab a tree root to keep from loosing my 30 year old Penn Peer 209. Fought it for about 10 min. before it straightened a 1/0 hook and got away. I did end up cathing 5lb. 4oz. & 2lb. 7oz. flatheads. Spent 4 days at Duquoin Fairgrounds campground, Labor Day weekend, there is an old strip pit next to the campgrounds. Caught 10 channel cats between 1 1/2 an 3 lbs., spent most of my time enjoying the Duquoin State Fair with my wife, great weekend.
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    Sounds like alot of fun was had, how was the fair this year?, we never made it this go round, usually a Great time when it is not 120* in the shade.....:big_smile:

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    Don, sounds like a great weekend. Glad you had a good time!