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    i took my abu 7000 and put it on my 10' rod put a 5oz bank sinker on and threw it out in the yard then stepped it off 61 paces then i pulled it apart and took out 2 of the brakes threw it again 74 paces so again i took it apart and removed the other 2 brakes wow 86 paces then i went fishin when i threw it out the first time man what a backlash :lol: i picked it out and threw it again this time i watched the spool as it unwound , the level stayed to one side it wasnt goin back and forth so after i got it in i tore the reel down and removed the level wind and cleaned all the parts put it back together and it worked great man was it dirty . when i got home i threw it again and stepped it off 112 paces man i should have cleaned it sooner , now ive got 2 other 7000 to clean .

    i wouldnt recommend pulling the brakes from your reels less your really good with that thumb technic , my reels are so loose the caps bout fall off any way
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    your first name
    I know what you mean I lost two caps on my 6500's before I took the brakes out. Might be time to clean mine as well.