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    Madison Mo.
    Went to Warsaw and fished with CatfishScotty. Weather sucked but man did we have a good time. Didnt catch much. The biggest was about 25lbs and only about 7 or eight fish in the boat. The wind would not cooperate but what the heck. We had a great time. Nothing better than fishing with good friends. Thanks for taking me and the good times Scotty. Got to visit with Scottys dad, Herb (ozzman), and Scottys mom. What great people. Cant wait for next time. Thanks again Scotty.

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    :big_smile: yes it was great to fish with ya again tom and chitt chatt !!!!

    chris we got a caseys pizza and I left 2 pieces for angel your doggy :smile2::smile2: I droped the dam box and turned it over to see the pizza on the floor lol ooops o well we ate most of it :wink: but if angel is craving pizza ya now know why buddy !!!

    ya the wind wouldnt let us fish in the spots we wanted to but we still caught a few and had fun :big_smile::big_smile:

    we both fell asleep at 1 time durring the night and i heard sumthing peeked my eyes open and we had a double 2 rods with fish on them a bouncing :eek:oooh::smile2::smile2: 2 dinks but still a double lol

    man it was somthing a few fish we caught and others we talked to has some skinny arse fish long and skinny hmmmmmm they will need to eat again soon ...

    sorry i didnt answer the phone today tom after i got home last night I watched a couple movies with the hunny and snugled to get warm :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: so ive been sleepin all day lol

    take care bro see ya again soon !!!!!!!!!!!