Warsaw Tournament results

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  1. Mr.T

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    Saw the tournament results posted today for the Warsaw tournament last weekend.

    Winner had 77.12 lbs, 5 blues and 3 channels plus big fish at 37.12 lbs. A husband and wife team.

    Second place was 72.14 lbs, 2 flats and 8 blues.

    Overall there were 122 fish weighed in, average size 3.98 lbs. Only 16 boats which was less than I would have expected.

    So I guess it wasn't a completely awful day for fishing after all.
  2. Bigmagic

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    Edwards Missouri
    Well I would have been in the hunt with the 55lber the 25lber and we were not out very long. Wow I just saw that Anthony struck out must not have been too easy.Thanks for posting that Marty. See ya on the water!