Warning, Cell phone Driving , 911.

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Dano, May 13, 2007.

  1. Dano

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    Cell phones and driving dont mix. IMO.
    I wont get into what I think about it.

    The girl said she was reaching for cell phone.

    This morning, My wife and I was headed to My Sons place to help him/wife/grandson finish moving to new place.
    Car in lane to right of us. Girl was using her cell phone and driving. She hit the curb, over corrected. Whipped out in our lane, then back to her lane, another curb, Jumped sidewalk, then hugged a pipe rail and flip, throwing car around in air, landing on drivers side. It was a violent wreck. We saw the whole thing and it all went fast.

    I could see the girl ( driver ) head hanging out the drivers side window , was only bout 8 inch clearance. I hit my brakes, pulled up on side walk to get her out of car. Wife called 911. Glass, fuel, oil, everywhere. Smoke was coming from car, etc. I thought it was going to explode. Just as I got up to the girl, somehow she managed to crawl out between concrete and drivers window. I grab her to get her away from car, she was banged up, in shock, yelling, crying but still had cell phone in hand. Amazing.

    I was asking if anyone else was in car, I could see what looked like a diaper bag and car seat. I wasn't sure. I thought she was saying her kid was still in car. Heck I could not see through front window due to broken glass, all the stuff in car etc. Was worried bout fire and car was not balance well on side and rail. I crawled under looking and reaching for anyone in car, looking for a child. I thought a kid was still in it. I could not get to back seat. I ran back to girl, me and another man and my wife was trying to clam her down. I took another look. . She finally said no one else was in car and then she passed out. Bout that time I think a nurse pulled up and was helping us help the girl. She knew what to do. Thanks very much to that lady.Then I got away from car with all the gas spilling out etc.
    The girl finally woke up , still in shock.
    Police rolled up. ambulance etc. The girl looked like about 17 or so. We Give our statements to police etc. Fire department took care of the smoke and fuel.
    I've been burned bad. Skin graphs. Almost lost my leg over it. I aint in best shape right now, was very nervous but I couldn't sit back and not help. I think the girl will be ok. I'm glad about that.
    no one else was with the driver. Think God.
    Man, It was a scary thing.

    I wish people would not drive and use a cell phone. Kids learning to drive, be careful with that cell under the wheel. Today, if it wasn't for a few others paying attention, avoiding what happen, more cars could have been involved.
    IMHO. Turn cell off when driving. Check for messages when your stopped.
    Be safe.
  2. bud1110

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    East Texas
    I couldn't agree more with you on this Dano. Thanks for stopping to help that young lady. Some Folks would have just went around and kept on going. Praise the LORD she was able to get out of that car....


    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Hate me for it if ya must, however. No sympathy for her on my part.
  4. pk_powell

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    I commend you brother, you did the right thing.I too would have felt compelled to help. I also agree that cell should be turned off while driving.I Thank the Good God of Heaven that she was able to walk away (with assistance) many youngsters don't.:smile2:
  5. Dano

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    Bud, I'm sad to say, no one else would help me search for other passengers.

    BG, I understand.
    It was totally her fault and could have killed others over a cell phone.

    I posted this only so people might think about what they do when driving.

  6. FS Driver

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    dano i'm glad you were not hurt or killed trying to help her out.that would have been terrible.
    less than a half an hour ago on our way home from relatives my 16 yr old son driveing his little brother and myself home was practically ran off the road by a lady and heer cell phone.
    i think i about bit a hole in the seat.
    jarrod slowed down pulled over towards the ditch and laid on the horn
    fortunatley this idiot swerved back over into her lane.
    i was pretty upset as it looked like she was in a trance and was just casually going to head on with us.
    go into a cellphone store and look at all the goofs that get these things.
    even the hands free calls are a nuisance at best, people get so involved in a dang conversation that their minds are not on the road and their
    ability to operate a car safely is diminished.
  7. olefin

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    Dan, that was a close call, such a shame to get burned when there was no one else in the car but you did your duty. Most people wouldn't... not even sure I would have. I don't have any sympathy for the girl. She could have killed someone like happen last week where we lived. A teen age girl talking on a cell phone ran a stop sign and hit an old woman killing her.

    Talking on cell phones while driving is bad but 1000 times worse when a teenager is doing it.

    I can usually spot someone driving and using the cell phone... by the way they drive.. reminds me of a drunk driver.

    Myself, I would like to see cell phone use while driving outlawed.
  8. Dano

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    Dayton, I guess I didn't explain it good.
    I didn't get burn or hurt helping at that accident. . Just got grease on my cloths. I just stop to help
    The accident yesterday, car leaking fuel etc. and i was trying to see if someone was still in it. It made me nervous after I was burned a few years ago.

    Anyway. I hope all thinks about what they do when driving.

    Cell phones and driving dont mix.
  9. flathead willie

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    A car is a dangerous weapon. Just like when operating a gun, there is no time or reason to do anything else. And just like a gun, a car doesn't care who it kills.
  10. badkarma

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    What I don't understand is why can't people talk on a cellphone and drive a the same time????They talk to someone else in the car without any problems so why can't they talk on the phone and drive,are the people that stupid????I've been talking on 2way radios for 37 years and cellphones for 15 and if driving gets to bussy I throw the mic or cellphone down so I've had no problems.