WARNING Boat Owners: Proposed New EPA Permit Program

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    I just saw the following article in the May issue of the VDGIF Outdoor Report publication, copied and pasted here for your information:

    Attention Boaters - Proposed New EPA Permit Program Heading for Congressional Vote

    According to BoatU.S., if you are one of the 18 million recreational boat owners, you need to be aware of legislation working through Congress that would create a new, onerous and potentially costly EPA permit program to be in place by September 30 of this year. Recreational boaters and anglers have only a short time to encourage their Senators and Representatives in Congress to support the "Clean Boating Act of 2008." The bill would retain a 35-year-old exemption under the Clean Water Act of 1972 for "normal operational" discharges from recreational boats, such as deck run-off from rain or engine cooling water.

    The EPA has been required to develop the permit program as a result of a lawsuit originally intended to prevent the spread of invasive species from abroad by targeting ocean-going commercial vessels carrying ballast water. The proposed Clean Boating Act of 2008 does not weaken any existing environmental laws that restrict the overboard discharge of oil, fuel, garbage, or sewage.

    BoatU.S. is the nation's leading advocate for recreational boaters with over 650,000 members. BoatU.S. Vice President of Government Affairs Margaret Podlich advises that," With only nine weeks left in the Congressional session before September, we are facing a tight timeline. Everyone who enjoys boating needs to ask their legislators for their support when it comes to a floor vote. We need constituents to speak up now - even if they have done so in the past year." To easily contact your federal legislators or learn more about the issue, go to www.BoatBlue.org or www.BoatUS.com