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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Ok now that I've got your attention. I've had my new house for 2 months now. I love the large yard. The big vegetable garden that I just had to plant and the cherry tree. I just installed a small pond w/goldfish. Its a great place but I've got a problem other then the overly smart squirrels that empty my squirrel proof feeder & my wife wont let me shoot or poison. gnats. They're annoying me. Short of a chair, gas mask and double fisting raid cans, how to I get rid of them? Some of the property is full sun, the rest is shade. I've got critters galore visiting the place, chipmunk, squirrel, rabbit and a large variety of birds. Next spring Im going to be building a deck with the entrance coming from the kitchen. The home is 3 floors if you count the finished basement. Whats a guy to do? They drove me batty when I was installing the pond and planting the veggie garden (60 sweet corns, 2 tomatoes, 5 bell peppers and 6 cucumbers. I still have room for something else. next year I'll have more peppers).
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    Lost Wages
    Tree rats, the other white meat. Stock up on them for the winter. Just pass them off as game hens. :roll_eyes:

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    I seen a show on TV where this guy had 2 wires run on his decks handrail. When squirrels came to get bird feed from the feeder they had to step on those wires. It showed one stepping on the wires. Heck that squirrel jumped 6 feet. lol
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    You can live trap the squirrels. Use peanut butter for bait. Then take them for a ride.

    Gnats-----------they are terrible this year.
    Don't know if its so much flooding or what but I can't get them to leave me alone.
    Don't know of any thing that will keep them away except for smoke.
    have a good one
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    Hi Folks,
    Id get a fiest dog, They keep your yard in order at least keep em airborne. Now gnats, I kringe thinking about em. Cover your yard real good with pulverised lime! They dont like that and it will go away after the next rain.