Ward's Sea King 5 hp, got it running but????

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by moondog58, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. moondog58

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    West Virginia
    Ok, cleaned the carb, put a new plug in. Got her all cleaned up and put back together.

    Last night filled a garbage can with water and put her in. Took about 6-8 pulls and a spray of starting fluid, but she fired up. Ran ok, not great, but ok, till I tried to throttle down. Bam, bam, backfired through the carb and died. Started a couple of more times, same thing.

    Got her running and cut the high speed screw way back, did not seem to affect high speed operation, but it did allow me to throttle down a little more before the backfiring started. Started a little easer then too.

    Anyone have any ideas on why I am getting the backfire through the carb when I cut the throttle back?

  2. Bubbakat

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    To much fuel or the timing advance isn't working on the throttle. If to much fuel is left in the throat of the carb on down throttle when it fires off it will blow back through the throat of the carb. I would clean the reed valves behind the carb before I went much father.