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    Sorry Tom, I couldn't answer your PM because I haven't had enough posts yet.....

    If I was you and you already haven't tried the area. The flooded timber off to the right of the 1029 boat ramp way back up in the cove where Deer creek dumps in. It has been very kind to us in the past. You have to stay on top of your trot or limb lines there though. Lots of prying eyes and low life's that want to steal and run your lines. They hit us twice last year, so we haven't been back this year at all.

    Get back in there and find out where the channel is (preferably off of a point and use green perch or bullheads. We have had our bets luck in early April, late June, and again when it cools off in September and October.

    There is also a really nice deep bluff back in there with a sheer rock cliff that we have had really good luck catching big channel cat.

    Good luck!

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    thanks a bundle for the help i will check it out and get back to ya on whati catch.i have been back near there just not that far back in it