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any good places for flathead near wapak i have family there and alays like to go to new places
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Idont know of any spots. But someone on here will.
Welcome to the site.Theres alot of good Info on here!
grand lake st. marys or indian lake up that way is very good as well as the great miami river good luck
i agree your best bet would be grand lake. loads of eater channels in there. also numerouse small rivers that surely hold a few smaller cats.
i've fished grand lake and indian a lot. grand is definately best for cats in my opinion. Never seena flat come out of there tho, not saying it hasn't, i just haven't seen it. I've heard of a decent blue and channel now and then, but mostly a ton of eater fish. Soon as ice is off I'll be back home in Lima and heading down there to try a few of my places.
people say the channels are slowly starting to bite at indian lake, I'm going to Grand Lake St Mary's this weekend probably, ice should be off, cut shad fished shallow, the channels tear it up.....
Fish the auglaize in wapak below the dam at night. People dont realize just how many cat are in there. Few weeks back i landed an almost 21# channel on chicken liver.Catch a lot on cut blue gill also. Also theres quite a few flatheads there if you can get past all the snappers.They range anywhere from 5# to 18#.Use green sunfish,rock bass and shiners. I fish there almost every day.Get with me and ill show you how we do it here
headin to the dam tonite witha few buddies. Maybe we'll see ya there
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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