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wanting to stock a pond from scratch?

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there is a website for buying fingerlings whether it is bass,bluegill,catfish,even grass carp, you may be able to get your state to stock it if you are willing to let others fish in it, but this way might be easier go to dunns fish farm and look around you might be lucky and find what you're looking for. i'm just trying to help and i am in no way part of this fish farm so don't hold me responsible if its not what you were looking for lol im just trying to give people the heads up i never got when i was asking around to find fingerlings and pond stocking fish. hope this helps you guys out! If you can't find the link to Dunns on Google pm me for it :cool:
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thats a neat site there.
it would be cool to start a small pond and expieriance the growth of some bass channels and redears .
i'd be makeing alot of minnow hideing spots to allow a few pounds of the fatheads to reproduce alot.

i wish i had a pond LOL:sad:
It's always safe to atleast have one flathead in your pond to keep from over stocking.

I think when stocking a small lake or pond it's best to stock i think it's is 100 or 1000 for every one acer of the small lake or pond.. i may be wrong most the time i am.
the site i was referring to delivers via ups or fed ex! lol wouldn't that be fun for the delivery guy? lmao there was another site full of info too i wanted to post and it is southern division american fisheries home page it has a search engine and other stuff on it that might help too yo daddy i would like to just buy 3 grass carp that is why i didnt post about the state supplied fish in any detail. but it might be cheaper in the long run to get the state for a small fee to supply the fingerlings for a new pond. dunns kinda had a lot of pricey methods of stocking lol i think you guys will like the other site too i stumbled on it looking up catfishing tips one day lol
Flatheads are sort of new around here(South East Georgia),as they are not native."They have been illlegally introduced and are harming some native fish populations",per members of our fish and game department.I just wonder if they do well in ponds.I personally know that some Bullheads,Channel and Blues do well.At times you will find a large dead Blue with a bream lodged in thier mouth.Allso dead bream,with the scales missing off one or both ends,like something couldn;t quite swallow a fish this size.You can watch them swimming in a clear pond,with half a fish hanging out thier mouth..I have only found this where Blues are.This might explain some of the wierd bites we get sometime.Anyone know how Flatheads do in ponds? peewee-williams
im not sure putting a flattie in a pond is a good idea unless you just want them to be left they eat ALL other fish in the pond and wont think twice to get the other cats in there just putting one is eventually going to make a dent in the population in the pond but if you have a few acres of pond go ahead and chunk one in there it couldn't hurt lol my pond is less than an acre so there is no way to get away from a flattie on a mission for food lol
of course the bigger ponds have more room for running so maybe it will be ok there. i wont be taking any chances in my pond with one lol :p
Yeah, they say in areas where flatheads have been introduced, populations of bullheads, sunfish, etc., go into a rapid decline. That's in a river system so they gotta be hard on a pond. :) Below are some cool links to articles about the impact flatties have had on places where they were non-native.

But I got a question. The house I'm buying has a very small pond, less than a quarter acre. Do y'all think shad would make it in there, if I could get them from where I caught them to the pond alive? I kind of doubt it, but I don't know much about them other than where to net 'em. The pond is too small to fish, but I would like to put a few pounds of crawdads and a bunch of shad and some bluegill in there and make it my own self-sustaining bait stop.
stolib i know the bluegill and the crawdads will be fine but do the shad need running water to survive like trout? if they do the pond idea would be out but if they dont need running water pile em in! and you shouldn't have much of a problem finding bait lol
I don't think so, but I do think they croak pretty easy if it gets too cold. Don't think this pond is deep enough to keep them alive. Oh, well, I'll throw some in this fall and see if any are around in the spring!
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