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    Im needing some help from yall , my father lives in galveston tx and i live in arkansas . Well we have never been out in the gulf fishing befor togther and i would love to take dad out . Im going to be comeing to galveston in june and was wondering if one of you might be interrested in takeing a few old boys out in the gulf and put us on some good red fishing or just some other type of fish , Well all i know is catfish so you get the idea :smile2: .Or maybe you could put me through to someone who would be interrested , Thanks everyone for your help . And if anyone would like to come and fish the arkansas river give me a shout --------------------Robert
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    you can catch alot of fish in the surf, if not there are some very good guides down there that are cheap....I'll be fishing the white river for trout on the 16th w/a buddy at Stetson's on the white river in Flippin , AR

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    Gary Texas
    Do some checking before you eat the fish you catch around Galveston. You can not eat the trout and gafftop right now. I think you can eat the Redfish. I got my information from family that live there. Early June is a great time to fish around Galveston. Good luck, Joe